Man Googling Himself Finds Warrant, Turns Himself In

Man Googling Himself Finds Warrant, Turns Himself In
Man Googling Himself Finds Warrant, Turns Himself In

File this one under all-time backfires.

ANCHOR: "A California man is in jail after apparently Googling his name and finding out he was on the most wanted website. The 27-year-old looked himself up on Google and saw his mugshot on the website."(Via WFTS)

ANCHOR: "Some people say we're on an ego trip when we do this. Here's one ego trip that went bad. That's Christopher Viatafa. He actually turned himself in." (Via MSNBC)

So give the guy some credit. When he saw his mug, he didn't run from the problem.

Local media outlets like the San Jose Mercury News report police in San Leandro had a warrant out for Viatafa's arrest after they say he fired a gun into the ground several times during a party back in August. The shots didn't hit anyone.

So when he found his name and mugshot posted on the San Francisco Bay Area website, he turned himself from wanted fugitive into captured fugitive.

A statement released by San Leandro Police Friday to ABC read, "Although it wasn't good judgment that landed him on the website, he did use good judgment to turn himself in after seeing his photo."

Viatafa was wanted for discharging a firearm toward an inhabited dwelling. KTVU in San Francisco reports the most wanted website where he saw himself has only been up since December.