Former police chief eats paper in court

Former Police Chief Eats Paper in Court
Former Police Chief Eats Paper in Court

A former police chief testifying in court Friday decided to take a bite out of evidence - literally.

'That's the evidence he's eating right there. The former police chief is now the head of Miami Crime Stoppers, and he ate parts of evidence rather than reveal an anonymous tipster,' 'Fox & Friends' reported.

After he left court, Richard Masten told reporters what went into his not-so-appetizing decision.

'I was afraid that I was going to be taken into custody, and that would be part of the property and there it goes. So I had a little lunch.'

'That lunch contained details about the tip and tipster that had called Crime Stoppers.'

'I represent Crime Stoppers' promise to our tipsters that we will never give up information about them in any shape, any form.'

"Good Morning America" reports the judge is giving Masten until Thursday to change his mind about not sharing evidence. If he doesn't, he'll be sent to jail for two weeks for contempt of court.

If he goes to jail, Masten told WTVJ: 'I'll bring a toothbrush and some pajamas in case I do.'