Dog saves Ohio homeowners from house fire

Dog Saves Ohio Homeowners from House Fire
Dog Saves Ohio Homeowners from House Fire

A husband and wife survived a fire thanks to their heroic dog.

John Abney and his wife rescued 3-year-old Malaki from the SPCA three years ago, and on Thursday night, when their lives were on the line, the boxer-lab mix repaid the favor.

'He's been about the best dog I could have ever asked for. He's been really loyal, he's always watched out for me and my wife, especially last night. He's my guardian angel,' John said.

The Abneys were sound asleep as flames engulfed their home, and they only made it out because Malaki sounded the alarm. 'Normally he'll sleep through the night quiet and sound, and last night there was something definitely wrong, and he made sure we knew that.'

Malaki was crying and barking, so John got up and opened his bedroom door. 'I looked around the corner and my living room was just a giant circle of fire.'

John and his wife managed to dash to safety, but John ran back in to try and find his two puppies.

Malaki tried to run back inside with him, but John pulled him out before he could run back into the inferno.

'I owe him everything,' John said. 'As long as I've got my wife and I've got Malaki here, I'm sure everything will be fine,' John said while looking at the charred remains of his house.