Police searching for prisoner who walked out of California jail

Police Searching for Prisoner Who Walked Out of California Jail
Police Searching for Prisoner Who Walked Out of California Jail

'Red-faced authorities in California are searching for an inmate for escaped from a downtown Los Angeles jail. Surveillance images showing Christopher Lee Brown who was sentenced four years and eight months for stealing computers from a medical center.'

But it's how he escaped that's mind-boggling. "Fox & Friends" takes us through the way Brown slipped past the guards and out the jail doors:

'A prisoner just walked right out of the California jail.'
'He slipped away impersonating another inmate scheduled for release. Authorities say staff at the jail failed to follow security practices.'

That's right, he just walked out. Officials first noticed an inmate was missing during a routine head count involving wristbands with barcodes.

When they reviewed the prison's security footage, officials saw Brown had walked out in street clothes. KCAL spoke with Captain Mike Parker of the LA County Sheriff's Department.

'Preliminary it appears that there were mistakes made by jail staff, who are human beings and they make mistakes too.'

'He strolled out with his hair in a ponytail. In addition to changing his clothes he ditched his barcoded wristband.'

The Los Angeles Times says Brown was sentenced Wednesday in connection with a burglary and identity theft case that landed him 4 years in jail.

Back in 1997, he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse. Due to his violent past, investigators advise anyone who spots Brown to avoid approaching him and instead call police immediately.