Woman says FedEx lost her breast cancer test sample

FedEx Loses Cancer Patient's Tissue Samples
FedEx Loses Cancer Patient's Tissue Samples

A Utah woman says she was faced with a scary decision after FedEx reportedly lost her breast cancer sample that was supposed to determine if she needed chemotherapy.

Marline Van Duyne, 47, sent tissue samples to a lab in California last month following a double mastectomy. The lab would test the sample to determine if she needed chemotherapy to prevent her cancer from returning.

The lab never got it, and Duyne alleges that FedEx lost her package.

According to ABC News, 80 percent of people with her type of breast cancer don't require chemotherapy once it's been treated.

"It's almost like people closed the door in front of my face and just said, 'You know what? We don't know what to tell you. You're the patient, so you're just going to have to figure out.'"

But things turned around for Duyne after her story broke. KSL reports the hospital where she had her surgery called her and told her they still had 20 pieces of her breast tissue and were able to send another sample off to the lab.

The original shipment with FedEx is still nowhere to be found, but her results from the new sample are expected to come back within a week.