Crocodile found after two-year search

Crocodile Found After Two-Year Search
Crocodile Found After Two-Year Search

A crocodile on the lam has finally been captured.

A dangerous Nile crocodile weighing in at 37 lbs. had evaded capture for two years. It was finally found around the Everglades National Park in Florida.

According to WTVT, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the dangerous animal escaped from a facility down in Miami, which is more than 60 miles away from the Everglades.

WTSP notes that before escaping from Miami, the croc had originally lived in the Nile in Africa.

Now, Fish and Wildlife has opened up a criminal probe. Investigators say this croc escaped years ago with two others. Those two were found in 2009 and 2012.

Officials started searching for this 37-pound crocodile after a scientist spotted it in Florida two years ago. Then last week, a group looking for pythons saw the croc and called park authorities.

The five-foot-long beast was then captured. Luckily for rescuers, the animal wasn't even longer. Nile crocodiles can grow up to 17 feet long.