Colo. carjacking victim talks about being thrown from car

Colo. Carjacking Victim Talks About Being Thrown from Car
Colo. Carjacking Victim Talks About Being Thrown from Car

A Colorado carjacking spree followed by a high-speed chase Wednesday captivated viewers all over the country. "HLN" has more on one of the suspect's carjacking victims.

'A carjacking victim says she was watching a police chase on television. And then, on her way to work, she was the one pulled from her car by the suspect that the cops were chasing.'

Authorities say 28-year-old suspect Ryan Stone carjacked three cars and led police on a nearly two-hour chase. One of his victims regrets trying to fight off her relentless attacker.

'One of the drivers he's accused of carjacking, Zhune Warton, was thrown violently from her seat.'
'When I saw it, it kind of shook me a little bit like, what the heck was I thinking?'

According to KUSA, it all started at about 6:20 Wednesday morning when a man carjacked an SUV with a four-year-old boy inside. He went on to carjack a minivan before taking over Wharton's car. It all ended a little after 8 a.m. when Stone failed to flee on foot.

Wharton and her husband told KMGH they're frustrated this could even happen in the first place, given Stone's past. Many media outlets have reported Stone already has an 11-page criminal record.

'I have no sympathy for people like that. I think repeat offenders should be in jail, not roaming around. Put him away forever, I think he's done enough, he's lucky, you know, no one died.'

According to The Denver Post, Stone could be charged with kidnapping as well as eluding and attempted murder of a peace officer.