'Celebrity Home Raiders': Hasselhoff's 12-foot statue ... of himself

'Celebrity Home Raiders': David Hasselhoff's 12-Foot Statue ... Of Himself
'Celebrity Home Raiders': David Hasselhoff's 12-Foot Statue ... Of Himself

Lifetime's "Celebrity Home Raiders" visited David Hasselhoff's Malibu mansion to scrounge up some memorabilia to auction off for charity, but there was one bizarre item the Hoff wasn't willing to let go of (at first).

KIT: "Oh my God!"
HOFF: "That's big Dave! Look, let me show you this."
HOFF: "This cost $100,000. It's 750 lbs. It's 12 feet long."
KIT: "Look at the buns on these guys, like coconuts."
HOFF: "It's anatomically correct, so be careful."

"Big Dave" was a replica of the Hoff's appearance in 2004's 'The Spongebob Movie' -- and it apparently holds a lot of sentimental value.

Dave said even if someone paid him $1 million for it, that wouldn't be enough.

Dave told the L.A. Times that he held onto the 12-foot replica in hopes of turning into a mailbox or a headstone -- but decided to just keep it around to freak people out.

It turns out Dave later had a change of heart, and let go of "Big Dave" -- along with a ton of Baywatch props for the good cause.

The Hoff's stuff is up for the taking this April as part of the Hollywood Legends Auction at Julien's Auctions. Bidding starts Friday, April 11.