Woman looks years younger, hardly recognizable after makeover

Woman Looks Years Younger, Hardly Recognizable After Makeover
Woman Looks Years Younger, Hardly Recognizable After Makeover

A Tennessee woman and her co-workers were in New York City while on their spring break. That's when they were spotted by Kathie Lee & Hoda's ambush makeover team.

Maureen Morelock, 56, is an assistant principal who never wears makeup and has had the same look for as long as she can remember.

Morelock's co-workers practically begged for her to receive the makeover. Her boss Sharon Southern pointed out Morelock wanted Southern to receive the makeover. Southern sassily said the ambush is proof Morelock looked worse than Southern. Well ... not anymore.

After an awesome makeover, she looks years younger. Hairstylist Louis Licari really outdid himself this time around. Look at that hair!

Maggy London clothing was featured in this week's makeovers. The company tweeted:

'We were blown away by this morning's Ambush Makeover! They look GORGEOUS!'

Morelock's co-workers seemed to LOVE her new look. At one point, her boss wiped away a tear while another co-worker covered her mouth. Aww.

As always, this week's makeover definitely didn't disappoint.