Teachers from Calif. high school read mean tweets aloud

Teachers from Calif. High School Read Mean Tweets Aloud
Teachers from Calif. High School Read Mean Tweets Aloud

It appears to be a new trend for taking criticism or praise. Teachers from a California high school read aloud tweets about themselves, purportedly written by students. "Good Morning America" anchors couldn't stop laughing while watching the teachers' reactions:

'Mr. Smith is so tall that whenever I talk to him I end up looking up his nostrils. #nosehairs. Nice.'

Now, we aren't sure if these tweets were scripted or genuine, but the video was a school broadcast for Griffin News at Los Alamitos High School. It was posted on YouTube and even featured a teacher apparently obsessed with ... pickles?

'Why is Mr. Jones so obsessed with pickles? #childhoodmemories?'
'Mr. Bennett would look like Professor X if he shaved his head. #XMenOrigins.'

If this tweet-reading montage seems familiar to you, it might be because Jimmy Kimmel did something similar, but with celebrities.

ANNA FARIS: 'If you change the 'i' in Anna Faris' last name to a 't,' you get Anna Farts. Interesting.'
KATHY GRIFFIN: 'It's people like Kathy Griffin who are the root causes for why redheads are perceived as the spawn of Satan.'

Ouch. Compared to that, sounds like those teachers got off easy. Oh, and students ... just remember to be careful what you post online. Good or bad.

Check out the original video here: