Kitten-rescuing cop becomes heartthrob of the web

Kitten-Rescuing Cop Becomes Heartthrob of The Internet
Kitten-Rescuing Cop Becomes Heartthrob of The Internet

By Jen Markham
A photo of a Baltimore police officer rescuing a kitten went viral, turning the kitty's savior into the Internet's hottest heartthrob.

Around a year ago, someone at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care shelter snapped a photo of Officer Jon Boyer when he first aided and then adopted an adorable stray kitten. People went crazy for the picture.

The city recruited Boyer for the 'Show Your Soft Side' animal advocacy campaign and Boyer's poster became one of the organization's best sellers.

The image that started it all ...

Workers at the Baltimore Animal shelter even created an 'I Love Jon Boyer' Facebook page and are posting dreamy photos every time Jon rescues a kitty from the streets. They're also collecting major likes and love letters from thousands of women all over the planet.

Boyer tells WJZ TV he's baffled by all the attention, but says he's just happy it helps animals.