CenturyLink Arena caught with cup-size discrepancy

CenturyLink Arena Caught with Cup-Size Discrepancy
CenturyLink Arena Caught with Cup-Size Discrepancy

Imagine buying a drink for almost twice the price of the smaller option, only to realize the amount of liquid inside is the same.

A video surfaced on YouTube of a hockey fan pouring his $4 small beer into a large cup priced at $7.

Fans at CenturyLink Arena in Idaho have discovered that 'large' and 'small' size distinctions don't mean much, since it seems 'the cups actually hold the same amount. The large cup is taller, but also skinnier.'

Videos of the comparisons have been going viral, and they feature fans who are unhappy about the beer blunder.

'I'm going to pour it into the cup that holds the regular beer. There you go. $7, $4 for the same amount.'

Some are so fired up, they're suing! According to ESPN, four hockey fans filed suit Tuesday against CenturyLink Arena and are seeking $10,000 in damages. Where's that number coming from?

Idaho Hockey Fans Suing Over Beer Fraud
Idaho Hockey Fans Suing Over Beer Fraud

One of the four claims to have purchased a beer at at least 30 events at the arena over the past several years. The other three all claim to have purchased at least one $7 beer each time they've attended an event in the past five years.

Their attorney, Wyatt Johnson gives us insight on what his clients hope to gain.

'They were not selling what they said they were selling. And what we'd like to do is we'd like to get people their money back.'

According to the TODAY show, the arena claims to have been clueless about the different prices for the same cup sizes and is fixing the problem.

'The arena's president says he was unaware of the discrepancy, and plans to order 24 oz. cups to give fans a better value.'

Cheers to you, Idaho!