Your food is a lie

Your Food is a Lie

This list (and the above video) might change the way you look at some of your most favorite food ...

1) Froot Loops all taste the same despite the color.

2) Cup of Noodles are mostly empty inside!

3) Cap'n Crunch isn't a Captain! Captains have 4 stripes on their sleeves while "Cap'n" only has 3 making him a Commander not a Captain.

4) Carrots don't help your eyesight. Also, baby carrots are just regular carrots that have been chopped up! Rabbits don't eat carrots in the wild either.

5) Oranges aren't always orange; sometimes they are green or yellow. To make all our oranges "orange" they are treated with ethylene gas. And limes will turn yellow if they are left on their trees.

6) "Double Dipping" doesn't spread any more germs than "single dipping," and the 5 second rule doesn't exist.

7)Double Stuf Oreos don't actually have double the "stuf" it's actually closer to 1.89X.

Did any of these surprise you? Have you known the truth for a long time? Grab a snack and tell us in the comments below.
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