Toddler pulled over by police officer in Florida

Toddler Pulled Over by Police Officer in Florida
Toddler Pulled Over by Police Officer in Florida

It's not uncommon for young people to get tickets, but a 2-year-old? That's not something you hear about every day. "Good Morning America" has all the adorable details.

'A 2-year-old pulled over by police in Florida. Given a $4 ticket. Turns out, she'd been bumping into some of the adult cars in the parking lot of her apartment complex.'

WHDH says the $4 ticket should have been for "reckless cuteness."

'Police stopping 2-year-old Za'Dariyah. She was driving her brand new white convertible. Is that a Beemer she's got?'

As it happens, the Jacksonville Police were in the area on other business.

'The officer who was in the area investigating something else stopped the little girl, saying he wanted to show people a fun side of the police force.'

And people couldn't help poking a little fun at the situation on WLTV's Facebook page. One man said:

LEVI SHANNON: 'Man! That poor baby's insurance rate are gonna skyrocket [after] getting a ticket at her age!!' And another said,

MADISON JONES: 'I bet it was the open bottle of milk and illegal applesauce...'

According to WFLA, Za'Dariyah has told her mom she plans to pay the ticket all by herself.