School raises money with 'help' from Justin Bieber music

School Raises Money with 'Help' from Justin Bieber Music
School Raises Money with 'Help' from Justin Bieber Music

A Seattle high school might have found the secret to getting students to cough up some cash for school fundraisers.

A high school in Seattle blasted a Justin Bieber song all throughout the building.

The music continued playing during passing and lunch periods at Tenino High School, until students raised $500.

KING visited the school, where even the Beliebers were losing hope.

'He's about to go deaf. Collin here is about to go crazy.'

'I love Justin Bieber, but that one song just needs to stop playing.'

'I'm pretty sure I've had 5 Ibuprofen already.'

Tenino High School is raising the money for Crossover International Academy in Ghana. The idea to donate to the academy came from Tenino Elementary School, which also raised funds for Crossover.

The money goes toward rebuilding the school, which was destroyed in a 2010 flood, and for food and supplies for the 254 orphans who attend the school.

USA Today reports the high school students raised about $963 dollars. Of course, it's impossible to tell how many of those students donated for the good cause versus how many simply wanted the music to stop playing.

Tenino High School plans to continue the fundraiser, with a goal of $1,200 ... although for its next round of fundraising, Tenino won't be blasting Justin Bieber.

May we suggest going more old school - maybe Backstreet Boys?