Passengers save baby on plane

Passengers Help Save Baby During Emergency Landing
Passengers Help Save Baby During Emergency Landing

A US Airways flight traveling almost all the way across the country was forced to make an emergency landing after a baby on the flight stopped breathing.

Flight 678 out of Tampa was on its way to Phoenix, but as it was flying through Texas a baby reportedly started turning purple. Several passengers rushed to help as the plane landed in Houston.

"They immediately went to work and called for anybody who had medical training. There are people that assisted and we were told there would be an emergency landing."

"A man ran up and held the baby. He had the baby held, you know, upside down in his hands. The baby was purple."

"Everybody was just invested and when we heard the baby cry, it was just, it was a teary moment for everybody."

No word yet on what caused the baby to cry but it is reportedly doing just fine. The flight arrived in Arizona about an hour late and none of the passengers seemed to mind.