Man on missing flight gave wife wedding ring 'in case something happened'

Man On Missing Flight Gave Wife Wedding Ring, Watch Before Flight

A man who was aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 when it went missing off the coast of Vietnam gave his wife special items before his trip in case something should happen to him.

39-year-old Paul Weeks, a mechanical engineer from New Zealand, was on his way to start a new job in Mongolia. His wife Danica told 9News National before he left, he took off his wedding ring and watch and gave it to her.

He told her, "If something should happen to me then the wedding ring should go to the first son that gets married and then the watch to the second."

The couple's sons are 3-years-old and 10-months-old. They moved from New Zealand to Australia in 2011 after a devastating series of earthquakes.

The flight was carrying 239 people, four of which were Americans, including one infant. Danica says she's still holding out hope for her husband's return, and she's taking it day by day.

She said, "I have this anger. I am trying to process that. Who do you direct your anger at? You don't know, just take it step-by-step. There is no way of knowing how it is going to go."
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