Live from New York, It's Naomi Campbell!

Naomi Campbell Interview
Naomi Campbell Interview

She's the reigning queen of the runway whose face has graced the covers of magazines all over the world. But these days, Naomi Campbell isn't just a legendary supermodel. For the second time, Campbell is bringing her model competition show, Oxygen's "The Face" back to the U.S..

Although the Executive Producer and model mentor is known for being the toughest coach on the show, Campbell tells's Brian Balthazar that she's got a nurturing side toward her team of models behind the scenes! "I actually would go in the mornings and, this is off camera, and go in and wake up my girls personally. I talk to them, I wake them up softly... I want to know how they feel, what they're doing, did they eat right last night, did they drink enough water, are they cold, is there a draft coming through the window?"

Campbell also says that "The Face" has given her an opportunity to teach the next generation of models what she's learned over her 28-year career as a supermodel while keeping her private life safely in the background. "I truly came on the show because of the mentoring aspect, " says Campbell, "I've been asked to do many shows over the years and I don't want to show my life in that way. I am known publicly, but I want to keep whatever I have left privately for myself."

Despite Campbell's career as a famous face, not many know about her other talent – comedy! The beauty revealed to Balthazar that not only does she want to appear on "Saturday Night Live" she's actually willing to do impressions! She did one for (click the video!) and says about her quest to become guest host, "There's nothing better than making fun of yourself. It's just fun, I mean, what do I have to lose?"

Catch "The Face" Wednesday nights at 10pm ET on Oxygen!