'Little People, Big World' stars Matt and Amy Roloff separate

'Little People, Big World': Roloff Trial Separation
'Little People, Big World': Roloff Trial Separation

After 26 years of marriage, Matt and Amy Roloff have decided to pursue a trial separation. During this difficult time, their focus will be on their four children, 23-year-old twins Jeremy and Zack, 20-year-old Molly and 17-year-old Jacob.

In a statement to PEOPLE, the couple says, 'Though we have weathered many storms together, we recently made the tough decision to engage in a trial separation.'

As they navigate this change in their lives, Matt and Amy actually won't be far apart. Matt will be moving into the guest house on their farm. In the above clip from TLC, Matt explains what's been going on:

'Last year, it was long. Long and tough. Amy and I had a lot of tension, so right around Thanksgiving, I thought I would move over to the bridal house for a little bit and we'll try that. Amy and I stuck it out for years and years when maybe we shouldn't have. I never quite felt at home in my own home so something needed to change. We needed to try something different.'

According to the clip, Amy isn't particularly happy about Matt's move. 'It's his choice,' she says with a frown. 'It's not my choice for him to leave. I am saddened by it. It's been 26 years. We don't have a plan for how we're going to work this out. It's not going to be easy,' she says.

The special will air on TLC on 3/25 at 9 p.m. TLC released a press release explaining the particulars of the episode:

The special episode, titled 'New Year, Big Changes,' checks in with the Roloffs during the holiday season when all of the kids have returned to celebrate together and have to begin adjusting to the new family dynamic. As the couple settles into their new arrangement - Matt has moved out of the family home and into a guesthouse on their Oregon farm - they hope that the change will give each of them the time and space needed to work through their issues.

Despite their separation, they are focused on providing their kids with as festive a holiday as possible, and move forward with planning an elaborate party to celebrate New Year's Eve. Joined by family and friends, Matt and Amy reflect on the importance of their relationship, but wonder if the coming months will bring the changes they each need to see in on order to make the marriage last.