CVS stores in California under investigation for missing narcotics

CVS Stores in California Under Investigation for Missing Narcotics
CVS Stores in California Under Investigation for Missing Narcotics

Four CVS stores are under federal investigation after a considerable amount of prescription narcotics allegedly went missing. HLN has more.

'How do you lose more than 37,000 painkillers? The DEA says that that many hydrocodone tablets are missing right now from four CVS stores in northern California.'

Due to the differences between CVS's records and its inventory of the prescription drug, the company could be facing a hefty fine.

'CVS could be fined $29 million if the charges turn out to be true.'

That's just the beginning of the investigation. Los Angeles Times reports officials are describing the missing painkillers as signs of other problems:

'In some cases, the drugs have gone missing because pharmacists 'self-medicate,' they said. But in most cases, the officials said lower-level pharmacy workers, such as technicians, have made off with the drugs and then sold them to others.'

Hydrocodone is sold under brand names such as Vicodin and Norco, and they're not cheap on the black market.

In 2011, CNN looked into how much prescription drugs sell for on the streets. The outlet found hydrocodone can be sold from anywhere between $5 to $20 per pill.

The Los Angeles Times says CVS has instructed its other stores in Southern California to 'get their paperwork in order.'