Cabbie terrifies passengers with live python

Cabbie Terrifies Passengers with Live Python
Cabbie Terrifies Passengers with Live Python

A New York City cab driver and comedian could lose his license after scaring his passengers with a live, massive snake.

Jimmy Failla says he doesn't care if his license goes, but the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission says he used 'monumentally poor judgment.'

Failla says he borrowed the cab and didn't charge riders, pointing out he hasn't actively worked as a cab driver since 2010. He posted the video to YouTube along with a link to a book he wrote about his adventures in cab driving, and says the snake stunt was a promotional push.

None of the riders have filed complaints over the snake situation. Gothamist spoke to Failla's publicist, who says all the riders ultimately signed release forms.

Sneaky. Whoops. Snakey. We meant snakey.

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