'Vows': Salon serendipity

'Vows': Salon Serendipity
'Vows': Salon Serendipity

Julia Khanbalinova always wished she would walk out of work one day and walk into her future husband. She walked into his mother instead.

Julia decided to get a quick manicure on her lunch break. While at the salon, a random woman sat next to her struck up a conversation. 'I was immediately drawn to her,' Julia said. 'In my mind I was thinking 'what a cute little girl this is,'' Denise Leventhal said. After a few minutes of chatting, Denise asked if Julia would be willing to go on a date with her son, Justin. Then, she picked up the phone and called him.

'Just, I think I just found your wife,' she said. 'I rolled my eyes and said 'mom, I gotta go. This is ridiculous. Ugh I just don't really feel like doing this,' Justin Leventhal said.

Though Julia and Justin were both unsure about meeting on a blind date, they decided to give it a try. As you can probably tell from the title of this article, sparks flew. 'We were almost the same personality,' Julia gushed. They had a wonderful dinner and stay out dancing until 2 in the morning.

After an incredible evening, the relationship progressed and Justin proposed.

'She totally chose me for him,' Julia said.

Julia and Justin's love story has made Julia a true believer in serendipity. 'You don't think you're going to go on a random date ... your mom met some girl at a nail salon and you're going to marry her,' Justin said.

But that's exactly what happened.

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