Tiny dog picked a fight with SWAT team during standoff

Watch This Tiny Dog Try to Pick a Fight with Police
Watch This Tiny Dog Try to Pick a Fight with Police

By Jen Markham

Looks like this little dog has a bone to pick with Phoenix cops.

Phoenix police were in a tense standoff with a robbery suspect who had barricaded himself inside his home. The tough situation called for a SWAT team, armored vehicles, police negotiators and even a K-9 unit ... all of which were foiled, at least for a moment, by a tiny yapping dog.

Video shot by Phoenix TV station ABC 15's helicopter shows what appears to be a small pug confronting officers during the standoff, running up to police and barking furiously.

The pup circles around the group of officers and comes at them a second time, even standing its ground and gearing up to fight the K-9 German shepherd who lunges at it.

It considered a third approach, but was shooed away by the cops who continued to chase it off to the police barricade.

It doesn't appear the dog had any connection to the suspect. If the dog was supposed to be a diversion, it didn't really work: the standoff went on for five long hours.

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