Couple kicked out of McDonald's for staying longer than 30 minutes

Elderly Couple Kicked Out of McDonald's for Staying Longer Than 30 Minutes
Elderly Couple Kicked Out of McDonald's for Staying Longer Than 30 Minutes

Virginia couple Carl and Barbara Becker were enjoying what they like to call 'scrunch,' their meal between lunch and supper. They do this three times a week, sometimes at McDonald's -- though they likely won't be returning.

According to 'Fox & Friends,' 'A couple says an apology from McDonald's is simply not enough after a manager at McDonald's kicked them out of the restaurant for staying too long. At first the veteran Carl Becker and his wife Barbara refused to leave.'

WTTG reports that while the Beckers were eating their usual fare, an employee brought out a broom and started cleaning near where they were eating.

'The dust started kicking up and it was just flying everywhere and she says 'does this bother you?' and I said, 'only if you like to eat dirt does this not bother me.'

Barbara Becker says shortly after that, the manager said their 30-minute time limit was up, and they had to leave so employees could clean the floor.

The thing is, no one could find any signs in the restaurant stating there's a 30-minute time limit.

Not even the TV station.

Carl Becker wrote a letter to the editor of the Culpeper Star-Exponent about the incident, noting:

'I have had many experiences in my lifetime as a WWII veteran ... a retiree from the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization at the Pentagon, and the father of six children ... but none as unusual as being asked to leave a restaurant so they could clean the floor under and around the table where I sat.'

The McDonald's corporate office addressed the situation and offered the Beckers two free coffees.

'The Beckers say the restaurant was not crowded ... the people that own that McDonald's issued a statement, 'my organization takes these matters seriously and is investigating the customer's claims.''

Carl Becker's letter said the situation was 'so unbelievable' that it didn't even raise any feelings of hostility or embarrassment.