Deer break into Maryland school

Deer Break Into Maryland School
Deer Break Into Maryland School

Books, pencils ... and some furry visitors? 'Fox & Friends' tells us more about some unexpected guests at a Maryland middle school.

'Students at a middle school near Washington, DC are back on schedule today after their building turned into a zoo. Police found three deer apparently chased into a school by a dog.'

Police officers were called to Southern Middle School around four in the morning Monday because the animals had tripped the burglary alarm. KLTV says what police found was startling.

'Police say one of the deer was found dead at the school, another had to be euthanized, and the third escaped.'

WJZ-TV says the incident caused a surprising amount of damage.

'Damage to the school was estimated between $3,000-5,000.'

Reports say the deer were chased by a couple of dogs. A German shepherd and a Labrador mix were both captured by Animal Control.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Animal Control currently has custody of both dogs, but their owners have been located.

WJLA spoke with a neighbor who points out the situation could've been worse.

'It could've happened at like seven in the morning when the kids were here, so at least they weren't here.'

Class was cancelled Monday so crews could fix up the damage. Students were able to return to the classroom on Tuesday.