Change the way you think about colors

Change the Way You See Colors
Change the Way You See Colors

Bet you didn't know some of these wild color facts ...

Orange: The color orange is actually named after the fruit. There are no true rhymes for 'orange.' Tests show that hot chocolate seems to taste better in an orange mug.

Red: Men and women see red differently. The color red can negatively affect test performance.

Blue: Mosquitoes like the color blue, and more babies than adults have blue eyes. Eye color can change as melanin levels increase over time.

Yellow: You are 1.24 times more likely to notice yellow than any other color.

Green: The suicide rate on a London bridge decline 34 percent after they painted it green.

Black: Black boxes containing the same contents as green ones seem heavier. Baffling, right?

Eigengrau: Eigengrau is the gray color we see when it's dark out.

What weird color facts do you know?