Teen wakes from coma after family sings hymns

'Brain Dead' Teen Wakes from Coma After Family Sings Hymns
'Brain Dead' Teen Wakes from Coma After Family Sings Hymns

Brigham Young University student Lexi Hansen, 18, was hit by a car in a horrifying accident that left her in a coma with a severe brain injury.

'Her injuries were so severe, doctors say she was brain dead, but her family never gave up. And then it happened. They say Lexi woke up at the very moment when they starting singing hymns to her,' ABC reported.

The Mormon family firmly believes they witnessed a miracle.

KSL-TV reports Hansen suffered severe brain damage after being hit while riding her longboard across the street at a crosswalk. Police said neither alcohol, drugs nor texting were believed to have contributed to the crash.

As of last Tuesday, Hansen was listed in critical but stable condition and even reportedly tried to get out of her hospital bed.

According to Deseret News, her father, Doug Hansen, said doctors initially gave her"less than a 5 percent chance of survival."

Lexi Hansen's family has been posting updates on a Facebook page, and although she has a long road ahead of her, she has been making remarkable progress:

"Lexi was able to remember and tell the speech therapist all of her sibling's names. With 8 siblings, that's no small task. Her speech is still very slurred ... but we're still excited that she is remembering things."

Daily Mail reports while her family was singing the hymns, Hansen signed the words 'I love you.' Police called the collision a quote "unfortunate accident."