Smash Hit Cheats And Tips

Smash Hit lives up to its name. This 3D shooter has you flying through an obstacle-laden course, throwing silver marbles at everything in your path, including glass panels and other dangerous objects. Along the way, you'll want to break open crystals so you have plenty of ammunition, and watch out for helpful power-ups.

Shatter those high score records with these tips!

How do I play Smash Hit?

It's easy. The game moves automatically forward, and it's your job to tap the screen to throw silver marbles at different objects. You can also break crystals when you throw them.
The game ends when you run out of marbles, but you can always stock up on more by breaking crystals, as they provide anywhere between three and five with each hit. Don't miss any!

How do I earn a multiplier bonus in Smash Hit?

You earn this by breaking multiple crystals in a row. If you hit 10 or more, the number of marbles you can use for each turn increases, which gives you a better chance of hitting obstacles. This can increase quite a bit, so keep hitting as many crystals as you can. If you hit an object or miss a crystal, the multiplier ends.

What's the best way to hit objects in Smash Hit?

The key is to take out anything that gets in your way. For example, if you come across a glass wall, don't worry so much about smashing the whole wall, but right in the center, so you can pass through without taking a 10 marble penalty.

As stages progress, you'll find other types of glass obstacles that get in your way, like swinging hammers, lasers and squares held up by strings. With these, watch out for the weak points. Swinging hammers can be knocked down by smashing their handles; lasers can be deactivated by hitting their glass generators; and you can remove hanging squares by destroying the strings holding them up, rather than just smashing a hole in the center.

Remember, go to the source. That's the best way to get them out of the way and keep your run going.

Will I get a bonus for smashing everything in Smash Hit?

Only the multiplier when smashing the crystals. When it comes to smashing objects that aren't immediately in your way, don't worry about them. Focus instead on shooting things that will cost you a 10-marble penalty. They're the most important - and you can conserve your shots.

How do power-ups work in Smash Hit?

There are three to watch out for.

The first is the unlimited balls power-up, which lets you shoot multiple marbles without consuming your own ammunition. Hold your finger down on the screen to keep the stream going, and make sure you hit as many crystals as you can - you'll earn a multiplier bonus in no time.

The second is the time power-up. This slows down time, which is vital for some stages, like when you have to deal with tricky glass fan blades and other pop-up obstacles. Save these for when you really need them.

Finally, the fire power-up enables an explosive effect on objects. Save this for when you're trying to destroy bigger structures, like walls or glass pipes holding up indestructible silver objects.

Do I need to pay for anything in Smash Hit?

The game is generally free-to-play, and doesn't gouge you for cash. However, you can pay $1.99 to upgrade to a premium version, which enables cloud saves, as well as letting you start from checkpoints.

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