School's planned musical causes controversy

High School To Produce Controversial Play
High School To Produce Controversial Play

A Detroit-area high school has decided to going through with a controversial musical. The students at North Farmington High School will perform a musical version of Stephen King's 'Carrie,' a story about an unpopular student who uses special powers to murder her classmates at the school prom.

The Detroit Free Press reports some feel the play is inappropriate and too vulgar. One parent said, 'When I heard (the upcoming production was a musical version of 'Carrie,' I was dumbstruck. The hopelessness and violence of 'Carrie' is a slap in the face.'

The school district has reportedly experienced push back for other plays in the past, including 'The Laramie Project,' 'Hair' and 'Tommy.'

The school's principal says this production is a way of looking at the impact of bullying and mental illness. The school board has promised the production will have appropriate editing. The play is set to run in May.