Oklahoma Man Got Stuck In Storm Drain After Chasing Bill

Oklahoma Man Stuck In Storm Drain After Chasing Bill
Oklahoma Man Stuck In Storm Drain After Chasing Bill

An Oklahoma man says he wound up stuck in a storm drain for two days because he was chasing after a $20 bill.

KSWO reports the unnamed man somehow fit his way into a storm drain trying to get the bill he dropped in the drain. When he wound up underground, he ended up getting lost in the city drain system.

ABC adds the man was between 12 to 15 feet underground in the drain - and it was only 42 inches in diameter. A group of high school students ended up calling 911 after hearing the man's cries for help from deep underground.

Police were able to get the man out of that drain and say he got a bump on his head while he was underground. They add the city drain system is so confusing, you'd need a map to get around it.

One police officer who responded to the scene said he had never seen anything like this in his nearly 30 years of work. Another responder said the man was confused and didn't have any idea what day it was when he was rescued. (Via The Huffington Post)

And unfortunately, after that long ordeal, the man was never able to find that lost $20 bill.

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