Gas prices have increased ... again

Gas Prices Have Increased ... Again
Gas Prices Have Increased ... Again

If your daily commute involves four wheels, you've likely noticed the pain at the pump.

'The price of gas going up. The national average has jumped 22 cents in the past month alone. It now stands at $3.49 a gallon.'

If the frustrating trend doesn't end soon, 24/7 Wall St. says we'll be repeating history.

'If the rise continues, the price could soon be back to ... where it was a year ago.'

'Good Morning America' reports one cause of the jump could be turmoil overseas.

'Gas prices up 10 cents in just the past two weeks, largely because of the crisis in Ukraine.'

As The Telegraph points out, Russia provides about 30 percent of Europe's gas, with much of it going through the Ukraine. This has led to fears of possible shortages or a spike in prices, especially if the conflict in the Ukraine escalates.

Even before the crisis overseas, gas prices were on the rise in 2013 - perhaps part of the reason more Americans are relying on public transportation.

'A new report says nearly 11 billion trips were taken last year. That's the most since 1956.'

That number includes rides on public buses, trains and subways.

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