Convicted murderer awarded more than $450K

Convicted Murderer Awarded More Than $450K
Convicted Murderer Awarded More Than $450K

A convicted killer in Illinois has had a recent victory in court, "Fox & Friends" explains.

"$500,000. That's how much money a man convicted of murdering seven people was awarded in Chicago after suing a prison guard for beating him."

WBBM calls James Degorski is "one of the most notorious murderers in Chicago history." Back in 1993, Degorski and another man killed seven employees at a local restaurant during a robbery.

After years behind bars, Degorski filed a lawsuit for civil rights violations. He says a deputy beat him so badly in 2002 that he had to have corrective surgery because of fractures in his face.

But according to WGN-TV, laws might prevent Degorski from getting the money a federal jury awarded him.

The Chicago Sun-Times says family members could potentially sue to get part of the money.

WLS-TV notes it's even possible prison officials could use the money to pay for Degorski's sentence.

A woman whose parents were both murdered by Degorski in 1993 told WMAQ the ruling doesn't change what happened to her mom and dad.

"This doesn't change anything. It in no way vindicates or exonerates any of his cowardly actions. We continue being a loving family."

One victim's father told the Chicago Sun-Times it's "outrageous" that the jury awarded Degorski the money. Another victim's father said he was glad the deputy beat Degorski.

Degorski is currently serving a life sentence.

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