Employee fatally shot by gun found in donated clothing

Thrift Store Employee Killed By Gun Hidden In Donated Clothes

A Chicago thrift shop employee is dead after police say she was accidentally shot by a gun hidden in some donated clothing.

Carmen Dominguez was fatally shot after a co-worker found a loaded gun in a pile of donated clothes. The gun went off, shooting Dominguez in the chest.
Police say the 54-year-old mother of two was rushed to a nearby hospital in serious condition. But it was too late - CLTV reports Dominguez was pronounced dead a half hour later.

Dominguez had worked at the thrift store for more than 25 years. Her niece told the Chicago Sun-Times, "She was definitely a family-oriented person. She was always there for us. She was such a good person."

Regular customers to the Chicago thrift store were shocked by the news of Dominguez's tragic death. those who regularly visited the store say they were shocked by the news of Dominguez's tragic death.

"You say good morning and everything. You know? It's just, I can't believe it," a customer said.

Chicago police are calling this a "tragic, accidental incident." The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is conducting an investigation into the shooting.

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