The star of this year's Dubai boat show

For Billionaires Only: Tour a $315 Million Yacht
For Billionaires Only: Tour a $315 Million Yacht

At the Dubai Yacht show, this year's dream vessel is the modestly-named Nirvana.

The 289-foot megayacht is for sale for $315 million. All that dough buys you a helicopter deck (helicopter not included), a Jacuzzi (supermodels not included), a glass elevator and even a terrarium with chameleons and lizards that compliment the ship's tropical theme.

If you want to experience the super-exclusive, super-yacht lifestyle for a week, you can rent Nirvana for $1.2 million, including a crew of 27. It holds enough fuel to sail from Japan to San Francisco.

This 6-bedroom beauty is owned by Edmiston Yachts. Founder and chairman Nicholas Edmiston says the Nirvana is the ultimate super yacht.

'She's a fast boat for her size, go anywhere, you're one place one night, somewhere else for breakfast the next morning. The world literally is your oyster. And it's run so efficiently this is better than any boutique hotel and the difference is with a hotel you wake up in the morning and you see a fantastic view, here you wake up in the morning and you see a different fantastic view every morning.'

Edmiston believes she will sell quickly, possibly to someone from the UAE, Oman, Qatar or India.

Many yachts on display in Dubai aren't for sale, though. The Esmeralda and Quotrelle are owned by the United Arab Emirates royal family.