Drowsy driving responsible for 100,000 crashes a year

Drowsy Driving Responsible for 100,000 Crashes a Year
Drowsy Driving Responsible for 100,000 Crashes a Year

'Fox & Friends' reports 60 percent of Americans admit to drowsy driving on a daily basis. To test the the dangers, it sent reporter Clayton Morris out with the Virginia Tech research team for a controlled experiment.

He stayed up most of the night to ensure he would be sleepy. The reporter drove a car with two cameras in it and a special foot pedal on the passenger's side, in case a researcher had to take control.

Morris was on the road for a total of 70 minutes. About once every three minutes, he showed signs of impaired driving by swerving, for instance. WDBJ reports with Daylight Savings just around the corner, drivers need to be especially careful.

'Many of you will have to deal with a darker morning drive or even sun glare. Experts warn to get plenty of sleep Sunday evening in preparation for Daylight Saving Time to avoid drowsy driving.'

Drowsy driving causes more than 100,000 crashes a year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

'They impact 17 percent of all fatal crashes. So we're gonna keep it safe and slow on Monday.'