Dog patiently waits his turn before devouring ice cream cone

Dog Patiently Waits His Turn Before Devouring Ice Cream Cone
Dog Patiently Waits His Turn Before Devouring Ice Cream Cone

When 'Good Morning America' anchor Lara Spencer came across a dog video online, she couldn't figure out why the owner seemed to be showing favoritism to one of her pooches.

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'Why is the Mom letting the little dog have the ice cream and not letting the big dog ... just take a look. Why does Daisy get hers first? That's a good question.'

Since February 23, the video has gone viral, racking up more than 1 million views.

Despite its doggy cuteness, the video does make us wonder: Is ice cream even good for pups?

Dog Food Advisor insists it depends on each individual dog and his or her ability to digest lactose in dairy.

'Milk shouldn't be considered toxic for a dog. And no, it doesn't cause worms either (no kidding, I've actually heard that silly rumor myself).'

However, WebMD warns milk-based products such as ice cream could cause loose stools and other digestive yuckiness.

Well, we certainly hope Daisy and Cooper don't have any tummy issues from their treat. They sure did seem to enjoy it!

Check out the full video here: