7 cleaning hacks for the clean freak in you

7 Cleaning Hacks for the Clean Freak in You
7 Cleaning Hacks for the Clean Freak in You

Did you know that a lemon a day can keep smells away, and that a sock can help you dust your blinds in a snap? While these tips and tricks won't exactly make cleaning fun, they do make it a tad easier.

Moldy sponges: Keep your sponge from going moldy. Use a binder clip to help keep it clean and dry.

Toilet grime: Flush the grime away with Alka-Seltzer. Give it 20 minutes for the citric acid to kick in; you'll have a clean toilet in no time!

Dusty blinds: Dip a sock in a vinegar and warm water solution then wipe the dust away.

Dusty coats: Cut a hole in an old napkin or cloth. Loop the cloth through the clothes hanger to keep you coat dust-free.

Spotty faucet: Rub your faucet with wax paper to prevent fingerprints and watermarks.

Dirty windowtracks: Dip a Q-Tip in vinegar to get rid of window gunk.

Sink smells: Knock out sink odor with a lemon in the disposal.

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