Ty Burrell's Take on a "Modern" Spin-off!

Ty Burrell On 'Mr Peabody and Sherman,' and A Modern Family Spinoff
Ty Burrell On 'Mr Peabody and Sherman,' and A Modern Family Spinoff

As Phil Dunphy once said in his book of "Phil's-osophy": "When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, 'What?!?!'"

The man who gives Dunphy his rather unique voice on ABC's "Modern Family" is breathing new life in to a classic cartoon. In the new Dreamworks animated film "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" based on a featurette on the 1960s "Rocky & Bullwinkle Show", Burrell plays a rather unconventional dad – a genius dog.

In this brand new interview with AOL.com's Brian Balthazar, Burrell reveals how he sniffed out the right voice saying he had to strike a balance between the original Peabody and himself. "We found a little bit of a middle ground, but it wasn't entirely so that it would sound like me, " says Burrell, "The reason it sounds a little bit more like me is because in the movie we kind of get in to the father son stuff."

While Burrell says he's having the time of his life voicing films like "Mr. Peabody and Sherman", the 46-year-old admits it was a tough dream to achieve. "The truth is, I tried desperately to get voiceovers for a long time and just couldn't get them, " he says, "and honest truth is it's because of the show that I'm getting them."

Speaking of "Modern Family" would Burrell consider a Phil Dunphy spin-off? "If it was the same makeup? I one hundred percent would."

Catch "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" in theaters beginning March 7th.