Toddler suspended from day care for bringing a cheese sandwich


Toddler Suspended from Day Care for Bringing a Cheese Sandwich
Toddler Suspended from Day Care for Bringing a Cheese Sandwich

A 2-year-old has been suspended from daycare because she brought a cheese sandwich along with her. HLN has the details.

'The daycare in Ottawa, Canada, says it doesn't allow outside food to protect kids who have allergies there. The little girl's dad said he didn't know she had taken the sandwich with her.'

Faith's father, Randy Murray, told CBC he didn't even realize his daughter had the sandwich with her when walking into the daycare center.

'She was two steps in, one of the teachers had saw it, handed it back to me, and then the next thing I know, I'm told we're suspended for three days.'

Murray says he didn't know about the food policy, and although it was written in French on a sign, he doesn't speak the language well.

The daycare's director told the Ottawa Sun all parents are made aware of the rule before registering their children and that the center has also reminded parents about the rule in the school's monthly newsletters.

The punishment could have been worse, though. Ottawa Sun says the school's food policy states children will be kicked out of the daycare if they bring any food with nuts into the school.

Murray says he's considering pulling Faith and his 4-year-old son from the daycare facility.