Couple goes from having no kids to five in less than a year

Couple Goes from Having No Kids to Five in Less Than a Year
Couple Goes from Having No Kids to Five in Less Than a Year

Sarah and Andy Justice went from having no children to five children in just one year. The couple adopted triplets and then found out Sarah was pregnant with twins.

The entire Justice family joined the anchors of the 'TODAY' show to chat about how their lives have changed now that they have five children all under the age of one.

'My husband says all we do is babies. Everything else in life has pretty much stopped.'

When Sarah had trouble conceiving, she and Andy sought out an in vitro specialist but later decided the 10 percent chance of becoming pregnant through that method didn't outweigh the enormous price tag. So KOTV says they decided to adopt.

'On May 18th, the triplets were born. Joel is the oldest by seconds over Hannah and then came Elizabeth.'

Three infants already sounds like a tremendous amount of work, right? Well, their family soon grew.

'A week after the triplets were born, Sarah found out she was pregnant with twins.'

In January, Andrew and Abigail were born, and life inevitably became whole lot more hectic for the family.

They currently go through 80 bottles and 300 diapers a week ... and just imagine trying to squeeze five car seats into a minivan.

But their community has really pulled together to help out.

Tulsa World says family and friends have set up a weekly rotation to help Sarah when Andy's at work. And the family's congregation, Eastland Baptist Church, has been preparing meals.

Even though they don't get much alone time these days, Sarah and Andy say they feel very blessed.