Brazilian soccer player rescues cutest invader

Brazilian Soccer Player Rescues Cutest Invader
Brazilian Soccer Player Rescues Cutest Invader

Sometimes being cute can take you a long way -- at least that was the case for one little boy who ran out on the field during the soccer game between Brazil and South Africa. HLN says he's now an Internet sensation.

'After Brazil's win over South Africa, the world's cutest fan ran onto the field and made a run for the Brazilian national team but was apprehended by security.'

That's when Neymar, one of the world's most popular soccer players, stepped in.

Neymar took him from security and brought him to meet the team.

'Suddenly it turned into this kids best moment of his young sweet life. Look at the other side of this, it might be the greatest photo,' 'GMA' reported.

It seems Neymar enjoyed the encounter, too. He posted photos of himself with the boy on Instagram and wrote about the joys of making a child smile.

A writer for NBC says, 'It really was one of those moments which shows that despite their superstar status, soccer players are still humans too.'

No word on the name or age of this invader-turned-superstar, but we're guessing this was one night he'll never forget.

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