Toddler donates hair to kids battling cancer

Toddler Donates Hair to Kids Battling Cancer
Toddler Donates Hair to Kids Battling Cancer

One little girl in Canada had her hair cut this week, but there was something different about 3-year-old Emily James' new do.

'Sometimes kids get sick, and then their hair falls out. That's really, really sad. I don't want any kids to be sad that they have no hair. What I want to do is give them my hair,' she explained to FlyPress Films.

After Emily's haircut, the James family found a salon in British Columbia called 360 Hair that makes custom wigs for cancer patients.

Since Emily's mini documentary was filmed, her story has gone viral, touching the hearts of people all around the world. It was even featured on Ellen's Good News blog. HLN explains how the idea of donating came to be:

'Her parents were like okay, it's time for a haircut and they thought it'd be a really cool thing to do to donate her hair. She loved the idea, with one condition: if she cut her hair, her dolly had to cut her hair too.'

CTV talked to Emily and her family about donating her hair and the waves Emily's generosity have made.

Dad: 'It's pretty amazing the scope, just the amount of reach that this video's had.'
Mom: 'This is her in a nutshell. It captures her character to a T.'

After Emily and her doll Rapunzel got their new cuts, all she had to say was 'wow, me and my dolly look so pretty.'

She donated seven inches of hair, and certainly made a lot of people smile along the way.