Matt LeBlanc's Identity Crisis

Matt LeBlanc's Identity Crisis
Matt LeBlanc's Identity Crisis

By: Amarita Bansal

Actor Matt LeBlanc sits down with's Brian Balthazar to discuss everything from playing himself on Showtime's hit series Episodes, to getting confused as Joey Tribbiani and of course...castration?

People fell in love with him as the adorable yet dimwitted Joey on Friends, but nowadays LeBlanc finds himself playing an unflattering, fictional version of himself who sleeps with everyone in the show including a co-star's daughter and his own stalker.

LeBlanc admits that he initially had doubts about his character on Episodes. Now into his third season working alongside longtime collaborators and Episodes creators David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, the actor has certainly warmed up to the idea of pushing the envelope.

"In their hands, those reservations were quickly put to rest and now it's sort of come full circle and I'm the one that's wanting to push the limit," said LeBlanc.

As for real-life Matt LeBlanc, making his audience believe he's exactly like the characters he plays onscreen is all par for the course.

"When we were doing Friends, people thought that I was Joey so they thought that I was stupid," said LeBlanc. "And now with Episodes...they think that I'm that Matt LeBlanc, so they think I'm an a**hole."

So when he's not confusing the masses with his identity-bending roles, what is the real Matt LeBlanc doing? Branding and castrating cattle. LeBlanc moonlights as a cow calf owner in Northern California where he runs his own cow calf operation -- a far cry from the characters he plays on-screen.

Catch LeBlanc on Showtime's hit series Episodes every Sunday at 10:30PM EST.

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