Homeless man gets 'winning' lotto ticket (with a twist)

Homeless Man 'Wins' Lottery And Wants To Share The Money
Homeless Man 'Wins' Lottery And Wants To Share The Money

An incredible act of kindness by one notorious YouTube prankster had a heartwarming twist.

The user, known as Magic of Rahat, gave $1,000 to a homeless man. But it wasn't that simple. See, Rahat is a master of planning and is mostly known for pranking several people in his videos. This time, he showed his softer side of scheming.

Rahat told the homeless man that he didn't have any money for him, but he'd be happy to give him cash if his lotto ticket was worth anything. When he bought a ticket, he got the store clerk in on the situation. The clerk told the homeless man the ticket was a winner, and the clerk handed him $1,000.

Here's the sweet twist: As they're leaving, the homeless man tries to share some of his winnings with Rajat, who wouldn't take it - and that's when the man began to cry.

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