10-Year-Old Suspended For Pointing Hand In Shape Of Gun

10-Year-Old Suspended For Pointing Hand In Shape Of Gun
10-Year-Old Suspended For Pointing Hand In Shape Of Gun

A 10-year-old Ohio boy is back in school after serving a three-day out-of-school suspension for pointing his fingers at a classmate in the shape of a gun.

WSYX reports fifth grader Nathan Entingh was in his science class last week when he made his hand into the shape of a gun and pointed it at his friend's head. Nathan said he was just joking around.

The school's principal then gave Nathan a three-day suspension and sent a letter home to his parents explaining what happened. WBNS adds Nathan was able to go back to school Tuesday.

Nathan told WCMH he had no idea he was breaking any rules when he pointed his hand at friend's head.

"But I've never heard that you couldn't pretend your hand was a gun. Like, it's not loaded, it's not actually going to hurt someone. I never heard a warning about this." (Via WCMH)

But a spokesman for Columbus City Schools says otherwise. "The kids were told, 'If you don't stop doing this type of stuff, there would be consequences,' ... It's just been escalating." The spokesman also toldThe Columbus Dispatch students had been sent home with three letters because of problems with "pretend gun play" this year.

But Nathan's father still says the punishment went too far.

"But a three-day suspension for that was a little excessive. I mean, I could understand them maybe giving him detention or even in-school suspension."

Nathan's father also says that the principal told him if something like this happened again, the suspension would be even longer.