WWII veteran gets unexpected recognition at 408K race

WWII Veteran Gets Unexpected Recognition at 408K Race
WWII Veteran Gets Unexpected Recognition at 408K Race

Runners in the 408K charity race had a very special fan cheering them on.

'Decades after he fought for his country, 95-year-old WWII veteran Joe Bell dressed in full uniform to cheer on runners at a charity race in San Jose. You see him there,' 'GMA' reported.

The runners somehow managed to find extra energy to clap and cheer for Bell as he stood on the sidewalk watching them run. Then, something heartwarming happened.

Runners were willing to add some time to their race to give Bell the recognition he deserves.

Elite Daily says the race was dedicated to Pat Tillman, a former NFL player who died in 2004 while deployed in Afghanistan. It 'honors service men and women of all ages. Benefits to the foundation go to educational purposes for veterans and their families, which is something Tillman valued dearly until the day he passed.'

Just a few people took a quick detour to shake Joe's hand ... but then, one person led to dozens.

More and more joined the line to shake Bell's hand and express their gratitude for his service.