Student frostbitten after forced by school to stand in cold in wet suit

Student Frostbitten After Forced by School to Stand in Cold in Wet Suit
Student Frostbitten After Forced by School to Stand in Cold in Wet Suit

Como Park Senior High School in Minnesota is under fire after a freshman was forced to stand outside in freezing temperatures while dripping wet.

'The 14-year-old was in the school's pool when the fire alarm went off. A small science experiment had triggered that alarm and the teenager was rushed out of the building with no time to put on any dry clothes,' "Fox & Friends" reported.

WCCO reports the ninth grader, Kayona Hagen-Tietz couldn't even sit in a faculty member's car due to a school policy.

'I grabbed my towel because it was what was by the pool and I walked outside and it was really cold,' Kayona said. 'As soon as they seen her outside in her swimsuit soaking wet and barefoot, they should have done something,' her angry mom explained.

Kayona says a teacher eventually gave her a jacket.

A friend also gave her a sweatshirt to wrap around her bare feet. After she stood outside for 10 minutes, the young girl got frostbite on her feet. She now has to take pain medication.

The event happened last Wednesday, on a day that WCCO reports had some of the coldest conditions of the year. The actual temperature was -5 degrees Fahrenheit, with the wind chill making it feel like -25.

National Review Online reports that eventually, Kayona was allowed to sit inside a car.

'After Hagen-Tietz had suffered for ten minutes in subzero weather, a teacher finally received administrative permission to let her sit inside her car until students were allowed back inside.'

St. Paul Public Schools did release a statement saying it will review its procedures with input from the Fire Marshal. Kayona's mother, Eva Tietz, wants an apology from the school.