Fake chef pranks news stations with awful recipes

Fake Chef Pranks News Stations with Terrible Recipes
Fake Chef Pranks News Stations with Terrible Recipes

By Andrew Dymburt, Buzz60

When it comes to viral video pranks, they call this "the long con." With the holiday season well in our rear view mirror, that's exactly what Chef Keith Gurke was going for.

Nick Prueher appeared on five morning shows throughout the Midwest, posing as Chef Keith Gurke trying to promote his new book, "Leftovers. Right: Making a Winner of Last Night's Dinner."

Only problem is, the book doesn't exist, and Nick (AKA Chef Keith Gurke) isn't actually a chef. He's a comedian who went on a bunch of news shows during the holidays and got reporters to try out his gross concoctions made from leftovers. Now, he admits it was all a lie.

Some Chef Gurke favorites included: mashed potato ice cream cones and smoothies with raw cranberries, pumpkin pie and milk all blended together. Nick says he did this prank because he hated appearing on TV interviews when promoting his comedy tours.

But news stations, beware: Nick isn't finished just yet. He says he hopes to pull this off again next year as a new character.