A 'surprise' baby for Indiana woman

A 'Surprise' Baby for Indiana Woman
A 'Surprise' Baby for Indiana Woman

An Indiana woman who was suffering from severe stomach pain headed to the hospital. Instead of needing gallbladder surgery, she came home with a healthy baby boy.

Josh Cox, the father of the 'surprise' baby said that they thought Mandy Batchelor 'had gallstones ... and then a few minutes later, her water bust everywhere.'

Mandy Batchelor is no stranger to pregnancies: she already has two children. She said her body showed no signs of pregnancy, other than lower back pain which she attributed to being on her feet all day as a factory worked. 'I was shocked. Very shocked.' She said she had weight gain, but it was her normal 'wintertime weight gain.'

After giving birth to a healthy full-term baby boy, they quickly had to come up with a name 'General Lee is my mom's grandpa and then Jacob was my dad's grandpa,' Josh explained. 'So both my great-grandpas, I just put them together, plus I have a General Lee car, so it just all worked out.'

Since the couple wasn't expecting another child, they gave away all their baby furniture in December. Friends pitched in to get everything the couple would need.