$10M in gold coins found in yard might be linked to 1899 heist

$10M in Gold Coins Found in Yard Might Be Linked to 1899 Heist
$10M in Gold Coins Found in Yard Might Be Linked to 1899 Heist

A California couple discovered $10 million dollars worth of gold coins buried in their yard - and now they've learned the coins might be linked to a robbery.

'The coins may have been stolen during a heist at the San Francisco Mint in 1899. Roughly the same amount of gold was stolen,' Good Morning America reports.

A coin collector dug up an old newspaper article about the heist. According to the article, the amount stolen was $30,000 in gold coins. The San Francisco Chronicle says this amounts to roughly the face value of the gold coins found last month.

A California couple was out walking their dog in February when they discovered eight tin cans filled with gold coins buried on their property.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the coins, which are dated between 1847 and 1894, are in mint condition and valued to be worth about $10 million. The gold alone would be worth $2 million if the coins were melted down.

The Mint has yet to comment on the discovery. ABC did note that if the coins are found to be those stolen from the government, the couple probably won't be able to keep the coins, but they might be entitled to a finder's fee.